Frequently asked questions about our wheat bags.


How long do you heat your wheat bag for?

Wheat bags can be heated for 2 minutes, you don't want them to be scolding hot it is going on your skin,
if you need to heat it up anymore do so in 30 second intervals till desired temperature is reached. 

Eye pillows are a little on the smaller side so only need to be heated for 1 minute.


How do I make my wheat bag into a cold pack? 

Place wheat bag in the freezer for approx 30 mins and you will have a cold pack to use on sprains or for migraines.
If you want to keep your wheat bag in the freezer all the time put in a zip lock pack to avoid it getting wet.


Why use wheat bags?

Wheat bags are a fantastic alternative therapy for relieving sore muscles and tension all over the body including strained or pulled muscles, stomach cramps, headaches/migraines and for keeping warm. These are great for people who suffer from pain on a regular basis to try and reduce the amount of pain medication you take which can really start to affect you negatively with regular and over use. 


Do wheat bags need to be replaced after a certain amount of time?

Yes, after a while depending on how often you use your wheat bag it will eventually need replacing. You might notice over time your bag will develop a sort of burnt smell when you heat it - this is an indication that you need a new one. This might happen after a few years as it is a natural product this is bound to happen.


Can you wash a wheat bag?

No, wheat bags should never be washed in a washing machine. Simply sponge clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent and wait till completely dry before heating in the microwave. 


Do you need to add a cup of water in with your wheat bag in the microwave?

No, this is not necessary, in our experience doing so tends to make the wheat a little damp which is not what you want. As long as you don't leave it in the microwave too long or over heat your wheat bag it will be safe. 


 Guidelines for safe use:

  • Lay bag out evenly in microwave to ensure consistent heating.
  • Monitor bag when in microwave.
  • Move wheat around when you bring it out of the microwave to distribute heat evenly.
  • Test bag before placing on skin - especially on the elderly or young you could cause contact burns if too hot.
  • Do not leave heated under covers in bed unattended - this is a fire hazard.
  • Do not re-heat or put away until completely cooled